Business Networking and… Happiness in Life

If you study biographies and memoirs of extremely successful people, you will notice that many of them had a natural ability to make friends and connect with people. The reasons why they were able to succeed in business were often related to who they could hire, where they could get a loan, who they could get advice from, and how they were relating to customers.

All these things are about building a network, succeeding at human interactions, and making friends that later turn out to be extremely useful. With all this being said, it looks like the art of making friends and building connections in the Western societies is going away. For example, according to an article in USA Today from June 22, 2006, called “Study: 25% of Americans have no one to confide in”, one out of four Americans do not have a close friend, which is a 30% decrease compared to what has been happening in the 1990s.

According to the American Sociological Review, in 1985 the average American had three close friends. By 2004 this number went down to two people with 25% of thepeople not having even one close friend.

A lot of people today place too much value on making money and believing that money can lead to success in all other areas of life. Psychological research in this area of life shows that making more money makes people really happy up to about the point of 80,000 pounds a year. After that money does have an effect, but the correlation between the amount of money and happiness starts to decrease. The value and importance of relationships, friendships and community of people around someone starts to play a much bigger role than one would think.

In addition to this, your relationships and your network also have the biggest impact and leverage on how much money you can make in business, which is why focusing on building your network can be not only profitable financially but also bring you a lot of happiness in life.

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