Politics and Being Successful With Business Networking

If you are a business owner who has created a business from scratch, you may hate politics because it often stands in the way of getting things done.

However, whenever it comes to interactions within the groups of people, there’s usually at least some politics involved. You may not even see it as politics. You may look at it as people forming alliances based on different interests and preferences, but when these alliances start competing for power or resources, the competition starts resembling politics a lot.

When it comes to politics, there is a spectrum to how people feel about it and use it in their business lives. On one side of the spectrum, there are under-political people that often lose to political types when it comes to being promoted, given credit, viewed as successful and so on. At the extreme, a person who is under-political may look weak and not deserving respect or recognition. Such a person can see things happening around them but doesn’t know how to get involved or how to use them to his or her advantage.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the game of politics completely because to a certain degree if you don’t let people know of your worth and your accomplishments, somebody else will do a better job and take your place.

People on the other side of the political spectrum tend to focus too much on image, position and self-promotion. They would often do it to the point of compromising themselves and this costs them their reputation.

When you join a new group of people, start with identifying the most influential and important members and try to build relationships with those people. Don’t try to impress them in an artificial way but actually build a relationship. This can have a very profound impact on your future success.

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