The Key to Becoming Successful with Business Networking

Psychologists claim that people become who they spend time with. There has been research that shows that a person typically makes the amount of money equal to the average of his or her five closest friends.

This means that if you want to get to the next level in your business life, you need to upgrade your business network.

The issue here is that changing your network will require you to change, too. This is what many people are afraid of because this means stepping out of the comfort zone in a very profound way. Human brains are wired to imitate the brains of those they come in contact with. This means that if you surround yourself with people who have certain behaviours, you will soon start imitating those behaviours, too.

If you want to connect and network with evolved people, you can’t just be taking from them. You need to contribute, too. If all you do is take, people will quickly see that and start resenting you for that. On the other side of this is giving, and people usually can also sense when they are getting a really good deal. For this reason, you need to learn to start from a place of giving and contributing when it comes to your interactions and networking with those who are at the same level as you or higher.

If you think that there’s nothing you can contribute to somebody who is above you, you are wrong. All people have problems and issues that they are working on solving. A person who is several steps ahead of you in business may have problems in his or her business that are different from the problems you have in your ventures, but he or she does have problems and issues to solve.

Even if you are currently not an expert on those issues, you can turn yourself into an expert if you realize that doing so can help you contribute and grow your business network.

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