The Process and Risks of Interacting with Others

The process of connecting with other people and building your business network consists of five steps. These steps are connection, disclosure of non-public information, giving and receiving, polarity and creation of a unique space within two or more people.

All these things are both art and science. You probably want to build a business network so that you can be more successful in business. At the same time, you can’t build a long-term sustainable relationship if all you do is take, take, take. A healthy relationship, including a business relationship, need to have both taking and giving in it. It also needs to have polarity because if everyone is the same and there is no polarity and no variety, people will get bored and uninterested.

All of these elements also come with risks that you need to learn to deal with when meeting new people and building new relationships. When connecting with someone the risk is that you will not offer something that the person is interested in, which is why you need to learn to ask questions and talk in a way that has people telling you about their interests and things that are important to them.

When it comes to self-disclosure, the risk is in that someone will reject you based on what you tell them. In reality, this risk is extremely low. Multiple psychological studies show that revealing something edgy doesn’t prevent a connection from happening but it actually strengthens the connection.

Getting and giving have risks of their own. The goal here is to find a balance where you are doing both. If you just give, there will be a point where you will feel ripped off. If you just take, there will be a point where others will feel that you are ripping them off.

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