The Process of Business Networking

The difference between amateurs and professionals in any field of life is that amateurs are not focused on getting results where results matter. On the other hand, professionals are always focused on what’s important, on building their assets and expanding resources that are available to them. This is true for athletes in sports and this is true for executives in business. Being connected and having access to resources, partnerships and lucrative deals is not dumb luck. It typically is a result of hard work.

If you make your professional network a priority and work on cultivating and expanding it, it will grow. While there are a lot of definitions about what networking is, being successful at it usually boils down to performing several steps, processes and actions that are available to everybody.

The first step is overcoming whatever psychological blocks you may have about networking and dealing with other people. You may be an introvert who prefers to work alone, and who recharges best spending time on your own in nature. You may believe that approaching people is risky and sometimes rude. No matter what your beliefs, to be successful in networking you need to learn to spend time with people and communicate with them effectively, even if you don’t think about yourself as a master communicator. The next step is learning how human friendships and interactions work and mastering the skill of interacting with others.

The third step of the process is building on the previous two steps and using your network, friendships and business relationships to connect and network with influential people that can take your business and you to the next level. This applies to whatever this next level may be for you. Ideally, you want to become a part of a community of people that help you accomplish your goals and always push you to the next level. This is the ultimate goal of business networking.

For example, in a recent marketing event for, that saw people from all over the sphere of Igaming come together to talk about the new Keno initiative to be launched in Malta. A client of mine was very nervous of attending as he knew it was of great importance to network with those in the gambling industry if he wanted his casino to get some sway behind it. We worked on an “elevator pitch” – a 30 second personal sales pitch in which he has to sell himself, this mixed with some meet and greet techniques meant that he has landed himself a number of interested investors and his business is definitely the better for it.

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